• Architect

    The person, team, or organisation responsible for systems architecture.

  • Architecting

    The process of conceiving, defining, expressing, documenting, communicating, certifying proper implementation of, maintaining and improving an architecture throughout a system’s life cycle [ISO/IEC 42010]

  • Architecture

    Fundamental concepts or properties of a system [enterprise] in its environment embodied in its elements, relationships, and in the principles of its design and evolution. [from ISO/IEC 42010]

  • Architecture Framework

    Conventions, principles and practices for the description of architectures established within a specific domain of application and/or community of stakeholders. [from ISO/IEC 42010]

  • Architecture Meta-Model

    Defines the types of architectural elements allowed in a given Architecture Framework and the relationships between them.

  • Architecture View

    Work product expressing the architecture of a system from the perspective of specific system concerns. [from ISO/IEC 42010]

  • Architecture Viewpoint

    Work product establishing the conventions for the construction, interpretation and use of architecture views to frame specific system concerns. [from ISO/IEC 42010]

  • Capability

    The ability of one or more resources to deliver a specified type of effect or a specified course of action.

    Note: The term “capability” has a number of different interpretations (esp. in the military community). In NAF, the term is reserved for the specification of an ability to achieve an outcome. In that sense, it is dispositional – i.e. resources may possess a Capability even if they have never manifested that capability. The MODEM definition of Capability expresses this dispositional aspect from a set-theoretic point of view; “A DispositionalProperty that is the set of all things that are capable of achieving a particular outcome.”

  • Capability Configuration

    A composite structure representing the physical and human resources (and their interactions) that when brought together provide one or more Capabilities.

  • Capability Planning
  • Capability Planning
  • Doctrine Production

    The UK Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework. NAF has been based on MODAF since v3.

  • Operational Analysis
  • Operations Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • System

    A man-made configuration with one or more of the following: hardware, software, data, humans, processes (e.g., processes for providing service to users), procedures (e.g. operator instructions), facilities, materials and naturally occurring entities”. [based on ISO/IEC 15288 definition]

  • User Requirement Specification

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